Bluetooth Door Lock

A smart lock sold by major US retailers could be opened with no more than a MAC address, researchers say.  Smart locks have …

Type Of Outdoor Lighting Exposure to outdoor blue light may increase the … Researchers said no association has yet been found with other types of artificial light. They added that the most recent study did not focus … traffic lights outdoor led display market

It’s a bluetooth lock (so can be unlocked from phones), it’s an NFC lock (so can be unlocked with special tappy keyfobs or cards), and it’s a quick and easy replacement for existing door hardware.

bluetooth smart connectivity … Compatible with Any Door: Can replace most standard door locks, as well as both left & right handed doors. The Suitable Door Thickness is 30mm-60mm.

Best Locks For Front Door Below you’ll find the six best smart locks from our tests … And for more than 20 options to protect your front door, check out our smart lock ratings. if you have a modern pvc front door) then a multi-point

You lock it onto something secure and immoveable … The upside: It’s not operated via Bluetooth, as some modern key safes are. Imagine the frustration of a glitchy connection, or a dead phone battery

These smart locks make bringing your front door online a breeze. Having a smart lock on your door could change your life, …

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